Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk AKA Hot Summer 5K has arrived

One of my new TRI sisters Janet Zevallos posted about an upcoming 5K a few weeks ago on Facebook. She has been participating in Zero Prostate Cancer raceFullSizeRender in honor of her dad who lost his battle with prostate cancer. This is the first year the race is in Raleigh. I decided to participate in honor of her dad. A few more ladies of the #Tribe joined us Brandi Reach and the awesome sauce Shelley inhonor of her dad who lost his battle with prostate cancer. This is the first year the race is in Raleigh. I decided to participate in honor of her dad. A few more ladies of the #Tribe joined us Brandi Reach and the awesome sauce Shelley Stubin my fellow Minion lover. SN: We will both be seeing Despicable Me 3

Image result for despicable me 3at the sneak preview this week. Can you tell I’m excited? If you know me you know my LOVE for minions runs HIGH.

The race started at 8:15 am. For a summer race that is a smidge late but hey, I am not the race director. The parking directions indicate to park in the parking lot on the corner of blue ridge and macon pond road. What I didn’t realize is that the walk from the parking lot to the race site was about .6 miles. Lazy Johanna prefers to park in close proximation to race start/finish so I have a short walk after I’m done and I can make a mad dash for flip-flops.

As I am parking, I see my one of my team members Shelley pull in front of me. After we gather all our belongings, we make the TREK over to the race start. As we walk over I noticed other racers parking slightly closer. I’m telling Shelley we could have parked closer but we were being compliant. In the back of my mind, I’m already thinking about who I can get to drive me back to my car. Trust and believe I will find someone. Ask Angel Chappel-Jonas I have no shame in ordering an Uber/Lyft after a race to take my back. No shame at all.

We make it over to the race site, it’s looking pretty full for this being their inaugural race. I have already warmed up my legs and sweating like a “hooker in church” Princess and the frog reference. LOVE that movie!! I go cop a squat on a step so I can cool off some. Shelley goes to check out the sponsor tents.  After she comes back I go and make my mandatory pre-race bathroom visit. I don’t care how many races I do my stomach is always tripping before a race. After I come back, Shelley and I walk around and we spot Janet and Brandi. Janet has made a sign to honor her dad and is setting it up in the grass.

The kid’s dash is before the 5K and 1-mile race. These kids are no joke. There’s one kid who means business and finishes first. There is one kid who I think might have gotten confused on the directions and ended up having a head on collision with another kid. The other kid got up and finished. The other one was in such shock her mom came and got her. I felt bad for her because I bet she didn’t even want to be there. when you’re a kid you make zero decisions on how your weekend is going to be spent.

We start lining up about 8 am as the race is starting at 8:15 am. As with every race, we MUST take pre-race photos for the simple fact that most of my peeps are gone when I get back to the finish. Turns out this time they were there, more on that later.

We take off at 8:15. The start leaves out the parking lot slight uphill and we turn left on Ed Drive another slight uphill. I’m about to be done and we haven’t hit mile 1 yet. We pass a marker sign that said 3 miles. I didn’t understand this sign until later. It was saying 3 miles to beat cancer meaning we have 3 miles left to do. DUH!! I was delusional already from the heat.

We turn right onto Blue Ridge Road. As we head down blue ridge I spy with my little eye folks making a turnaround. I’m confused but then I noticed their race bibs have green lettering indicating they are only doing 1 mile. I almost want to join them. I am all about getting my miles in these days. I have about 3 challenges I’m doing (glutton for punishment) NCRC 1000 mile club, IronKiwi summer splash challenge (virtual IronMan challenge) and last but certainly not least Run the Year 2017(yes 2017 miles in one year, did I mention that the drill sergeant has already hit 2017, I told him the next time I see him I’m going to tdrip him up lol).

We turn right into the neighborhoods. We make a left and the Garmin beeps so I know we have just passed mile 1 andIi check to see what my time is and its 19ish. Sweet Christmas!! After that I really start to feel the heat. Don’t ask me why I didn’t bring my frog tog or something that could have cooled me off. You think about this stuff when you are out on the race course when it’s already too late. That’s how life goes sometimes. I druding along the course. This thang has some hills in it which I was warned by Janet and Shelley last weekend after they did a course preview. I’ve been racing in Raleigh since 2008 so i’m never really surprised about the hills. They are everywhere. I keep pushing on. Turn and turn. What i think is the most disrespectful part of the course is that we go right pass a community pool. I can see someone swimming laps in the pool. My inner fish wants to jump in and join them. That’s not an option so I keep walking. Turn left at the pool up another hill. Did these things grow like gremlins out here or what?? This next hill is right past the water stop. The garmin beeps that I just crossed mile 2, my pace has gotten slower which i knew it had because i was hot. We turn right back into another neighborhood. A guy and little girl pass me. The guy asks me if i want some company. I’m slightly dehydrated at this point so speaking is really limited. I think I managed to say yes. He joins me. He’s walking with his neice and he was told he was doing this race by his sister. Hilarious. It helps to have some company. I start to feel the heat and i’m starting to bob and weave. He asks me if I’m ok I’m like no. I go and sit on the curb. There is a cop pacing behind us and ask if i can get in. He tells me no and tells me he will send the SAG for me. Raleigh PD is not like Richmond PD. Richmond PD lets me get in the car and recover. Oh well. Malcolm from Chicago is the kind stranger who waits with me until the SAG shows up.

IMG_3287The bike SAG comes up to us and ask how i’m doing. He calls for the SAG as the cop apparently forgot. I look down the street and ask him if that’s the SAG. It is. He brings us over some water and ask me I want to ride back. Deep down I really did but I was starting to feel better and told him I’m going to walk. I pop up with Malcolm’s help and get back on the course. We walk together. The bike volunteer rides back and forth to check us on. He tells me his only concern is that I finish. I told him me too. We make a left and then we head out of the neighborhood Thank God!! Then I see blue ridge road. Woo hoo!! We make a left on blue ridge and I know we are getting close. Bike volunteer tells us they are waiting for us at the finish and they are going to play eye of the tiger. He even plays it on his phone. Malcolm and i start talking about music. He tells me that’s one of his favorite songs along with Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m like no way. God sent this dude to help me get through this race. I LOVE bohemian rhapsody. He tells me he knows all the words plus the guitar parts. we start singing it. I tell him I have never met another black person who loves that song. NEVER!!! I remember being at Angel Clark house with Andrea Parmer around 1992 or 1993 watching Wayne’s World. That scene came on when the song comes on and i am singing along. They both looked at me like i was crazy. Hilarious I can remember that like it was yesterday. Great memory. We sing as much as the song as we both can remember. Bike volunteer tells us the next street is our turn. Why does that street seem so far away to me? We come up on Ed Drive. We make the left and I feel so excited that we are headed to the finish line. I told malcolm that i am used to have a full entourage when i finish a race because i’m the last one. He told me not today i want the entourage so you have to go finish before me. This dude is funny. We head down Ed and we can see the race site coming up. I see Shelley because we are both wearing neon pink tops so we are hard to miss. They are all still there waiting for me. I LOVE it!! We make that LAST right turn and head to the finish line. Shelley walks in with me.

She tells me they wondered if i got lost like they did but she figured i was waiting for the cop or some cute fireman to escort me in. This chick is funny. I cross the finish line. I have never been so HAPPY to finish a race in my life.



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