Bye Matthew!

Hurricane Matthew hit Raleigh pretty hard. Due to the massive power outages, storm debris and flooding my church cancelled worship service. Safety comes first. My calendar was now wide open. I opted to hit the gym and get in a treadmill workout. I was driving to the gym I saw the traffic from Journey church. I thought to myself if i really wanted to go to church there are 2 right within walking distance from the house. My mind was set on knocking out another 5K.

Bye George that’s exactly what I did today. Head to my favorite treadmill on the corner. Find something on the TV, woo hoo Jurassic Park is playing. How i love that movie!! Samuel L. Jackson has a small part. Blink and you will miss Gator. Should I mention that i have a very good friend who didn’t know what i meant when i told her Samuel L. Jackson will always be Gator to me when i see him in other movies. I told her that her black card was under review LOL.

Anywho let’s get back to my workout. I’m on the treadmill I always warm up going about 2.0 and then raise up ever minute. I have been staying steady at 2.8. According to my Garmin that keeps me under 20 minutes which is my goal for Wicked. I hit mile 1 at 20:11. I’ll take it. While I’m on the treadmill i hear this loud noise. Guess where it’s coming from? Some dude who is have the loudest conversation on earth. 2 other people look over at dude and see me looking at him and we all just shake our heads. I keep moving on the treadmill. I pass mile 2 at 19:35, woo hoo!! I am still on my mission. I start feeling my bra strap itching me on my back. I don’t pay it any mind. I mention it because after i get home later i discover why i probably should have paid attention, more on that later. I pass mile 3 at 19:34 so i have shaved 1 minute off my time. Get it get it!! I finish 3.1 miles in 1:01:05. That is another 5K PR!! I have an average pace of 19:43. I even saw a 16:00 minute pace once when i was at 3.4. I completely understand the drive runners have to beat a certain time. Oh yeah the student is slowly becoming the master. Very good my young Jedi:-)

Apparently my race to get a faster time today left me with some casualties, chafing under the girls and on my back. I’m just chafing the dream baby! I have less than 3 weeks to Wicked and less than 5 weeks to Richmond half. I got this!!




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