Exercise is more fun with your TRIBE

Today I was scheduled to participate in le Tour de Femme, women’s only cycling event that fights cancer. Please check out their site for more information, http://letourdefemme.org/

Due to Hurricane Matthew, the event was postponed until October 15. A few of us in the tribe decided to do a spin class at the YMCA since our outdoor event was not happening. We met at AE Finley YMCA. It was kinda weird going to this Y. The only times i have been there is for either Ramblin Rose Raleigh as an athlete or volunteer or when we have our mock TRI there. I was having real deja vu when I pulled into a parking space in front of the outdoor pool and I kept looking for the finish line. Shockingly there are a lot of folks out on this rainy Saturday morning at the gym. Good for them. Lazy Johanna really wanted to roll over and let my tribe know i was going to tap out meeting them.


Here i am up and at them and ready to knock out this class.

As I walk over to the entrance, i see the spin class and cardio equipment on the lower level. I didn’t even know there was a lower level to this gym. Learn something new every day. I meet one of my TRI sisters Liz Lawson in the lounge area. We both are amazed we have braved the weather to come out and get in some exercise. The rest of our tribe shows up, Kathy, Pat, Pat’s friend Mary and Ebony. We head downstairs to the locker room. The Y has gotten fancy. coffee machine in the locker room waiting area. I thought “the country club” AKA Lifetime was fancy. The Y coming up like George and Weezy. After dropping our stuff in the lockers, we head over to the cycle studio. The spin bikes are much o fancy. We all learn how to adjust the seats and handlebars. Liz ask me how the computer works and I tell her I was about to ask her the same thing lol. Ebony tells us it will start working once you start riding. Sweet! I get my bike adjusted and then commence to clip in. Oh yeah, I’m fancy on the spin bike. i clip in like a BOSS. I have yet to finesse the art of clipping in on my road bike. That is a work in progress. I’m strapped in and off we go. We are about 20ish minutes to the class, Liz asks me how long is this class? I was going to ask her the same. We are 2 peas in a pod. Ebony tells us it’s a hour. She said Kathy asked the same question. We are hilarious. 20 minutes down and about 40 minutes to go. The spin instructor adds a lot of arm and shoulder movements to the class. This is a real challenge when you are out of the saddle. This requires real coordination which i realize i lack when i am out of the saddle. If i wasn’t clipped in i might have flown off the bike. I stick to seated position. The music the instructor is playing is great. Key to a great spin class is the music. It needs to be high energy and preferably sing along. We all make it through the hour class. I was able to pump out 11.2 miles.


I’ll take it. If you can recruit a friend or two to join you at the gym, take in a class, it’s so much more fun with friends.



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