Mission:Impossible treadmill edition

I have 2 races coming up on my calendar. Wicked 10K on October 29 in Virginia Beach and Richmond half marathon on November 12. I’m really excited about Richmond because my mom is doing the race with me 🙂 I have been getting ready for both races by hitting the treadmill at the gym. Most folks detest the treadmill. Ironically I am not one of them. I can accomplish so much on the treadmill. I’m a geek so I like seeing all the data. I’ve added to my geekness with upgrading to Garmin Forerunner 920. The data this watch produces is AMAZING.

On Tuesday I went to Lifetime to get in a 5K walk on the treadmill. I have learned how to set the garmin properly now so once the treadmill is ready so is my watch. When I hit 3.1 miles and the time was 1:02:59 I was so excited. My fist was pumping in the air. This was my fastest 5K. The average pace was 20:19. I normally have about a 21-22 minute/mile pace. To be under that was pretty amazing.

Today I headed to the gym to get in another 5K walk on the treadmill. It was later in the day than I normally go so I wasn’t sure what my energy level was going to be. Won’t he do it!! Will he won’t!! I was on a mission today.My 1st mile was done in 20:20. My 2nd mile was done in 19:28, cut almost a minute off my time.

img_0007I hit 3.1 miles in 1:01:40 with an average pace of 19:55.img_0006

I have not seen this pace in about 4 years and probably about 30 lbs lighter. You just never know what you can do until you get on the treadmill and just DO it!!



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