August 31, 2016

September is almost upon us. I have signed up for a few races and a MAJOR cycling event. Since my return from my birthday Bahamas cruise i have been on a mission to get ready for what is coming up on the race calendar.

Today’s agenda included a brick workout. I started off with a morning spin class. In my mind, I thought the class started at 9am. After I arrived in the gym and entered the cycle studio and saw it was empty, I started to wonder if I had the time wrong. I check my phone and there it is, edge cycle at 9:30am. I’m about 45 minutes early. I go back down the stairs and chill in one of the sitting areas. I piddle around on my phone and before i know it, it’s after 9am. I walk BACK up the stairs for a 2nd time. I think this was all part of God’s plan to give me more steps to walk today. This time when I enter the cycle studio I am not alone. There is 1 other lady in the class who is in the middle of stretching. She invites me to join her but i do not because she is doing some strange pretzel moves that might just F.. me up before i even break a sweat in class. I tend to head to the left side of the room. I start adjusting the bike, get clipped in(I excel at clipping in on the spin bike, not so much on my actual road bike). Then i hit the stage button on the computer and it does not budge. I hit the button several times, no dice. I unclip which is not an easy task. I hit the stage button on the bike next to me and it comes to life. I relocate to the working bike. I’m all in and get ready for 45 minutes of fun. I have grown quite fond of spin class. I actually prefer to bike outside but my cycling partner in crime is still out of town on vacation. I do not bike alone on the greenway. No thank you. Spin class is just as good and it gives you a great workout. When the instructor has us doing sprint intervals, I really put the pedal to the medal and go for 90-100 RPM. Later on i start to regret this ambitious spirit through tired and sore muscles. Just like my water bottle says “sore today, strong tomorrow”.
i pedal my way through 12 miles in the class. As i am disembarking from the bike and cleaning it up, the spin instructor Jennifer comes over to me. She tells me that she can tell that i have improved from when i first started taking her class back in January. That means the world to me and i thank her. I head out the cycle studio and head over to the treadmills. This is a brick workout. Spin + walking. I get up on the dreadmill. My goal is to get in 1 mile. I am not concerned with setting any records on time today. It’s more about getting the muscles used to the transition from bike to walk. I push through and knock out 1 mile in a little over 24 minutes. Yesterday i had completed 1 mile in 21 minutes. Then again i had not biked 12 miles beforehand. Every workout is a great workout.



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